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Vacation season is over. Improve your concentration and memory!

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Vacation season is over. Improve your concentration and memory!

Summer is far over and it is time to deal with the pile of tasks sitting on your desk since May. But how? Memories about the shiny days and sunny beaches linger in your brain leaving you absent minded and incapable of concentrating.
You need to get a grip!

Here are several tips to improve your memory and concentration.

Rule # 1. Lay the ground for optimum brain performance

The importance of good night sleep cannot be overestimated for your cognitive abilities. Use the longer winter nights properly. Only a well rested body will take you through the stressful working hours. Careful - do not sleep too little OR too much. Try to clock your sleep at 8 hours a night, sharp. If needed, strengthen your sleep cycle with a natural sleep enhancer.

Remember – to achieve the best intellectual condition, not only do you need to sleep an exact amount of hours, but you need to start and end your rest at the same time. Use your smartphone to remind yourself when you need to get ready for bed. Having a routine before bed will do miracles for you – read an exact number of pages from a book for example. It is crucial that your brain knows when it’s time to be alert and when it is time for a good rest.

Your brain needs to rest during the day, too. The most common mistake busy people do is working without even stopping to catch their breath. Do not get caught in the idea of crossing the finishing line as soon as possible. Taking 5 to 15 minutes off to let your mind wander will boost your learning ability and creativity. If you still experience difficulties focusing, you might need a supplement to enhance concentration.

Let your brain rest not just from the stress, but from the environment as well. Open a window and breathe in some fresh air every 2-3 hours. If possible, include some physical activity in your day. Take a walk, or at least stretch for several minutes to improve the blood flow in your body.

Now improve the blood flow to your brain as well. A two factor formula will make it work – A (regular physical activity) + B (Vitamin K). Vitamin K is crucial to your cardio-vascular health. Leafy greens are loaded with Vitamin K. However, it is very strongly attached to the fiber in the plant and the body has difficult time extracting and absorbing it. Make sure you have a good source of vitamin K. Have in mind anti-coagulant, or anti-platelet medications may interact with the treatment.

You will find a rested mind and diversity in your activities during your breaks boosts the speed and performance with which you deal with your tasks.

Rule # 2. You have slept well, now stay awake!

There are multiple tricks to boost your energy and efficiency at work.

Forget about sodas and sugary caffeine drinks. Sugar will be absorbed by your body very quickly, it will give you an unnecessary spike in energy and then make you crash. You will be sleepy, hungry and in bad mood. That is no condition to do work.

Green tea is a popular source of caffeine, where it will be absorbed slowly in your blood stream and keep your energy up for long.

Coffee is a way more powerful option. Without any calories, it gives you an energy boost, a boost in your efficiency and in your mood. An organic coffee with a high percentage of chlorogenic acid is your perfect polyphenol source, to increase your cognitive functions and learning abilities.

Dark chocolate is a great alternative. Low calorie, rich in flavonols and anti-oxidants, boosting your serotonin and endorphin levels, dark chocolate is a perfect snack in the afternoon to keep you alert and ready.

Rule # 3. Feed your brain first, and your taste buds


Avoid overeating. The colder weather tends to increase our appetite. You need to resist, though, because eating too much will preoccupy your body with the digestion of the food, disturbing your blood flow, hindering your cognitive functions, making your sleepy and less responsive. To make it easy for your digestive system, add a good probiotic to your diet.

If you fancy something creamy, go for avocado. Packed with the ‘good kind of fat’, with rich texture and lovely taste, it is a favorite of nutritionists for a reason. Consider a healthy cholesterol source.

If you miss sugar and deserts, go for fresh blueberries. Their sour and sweet flavor, complemented by the vitamin K, vitamin C and fiber inside will be a treat to your brain and your mood.

Missing meat? Go for salmon. The omega-3 fatty acids are a generous contributor to your thinking, memory and learning abilities.

Like salads? Eating leafy greens twice a day is discovered to slow down the naturally occurring mental deterioration. The polyphenols and antioxidants in extra virgin olive oil will raise your memory and comprehension limits. Grind walnuts on top for bonus vitamin E, which helps prevent Alzheimer’s.


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