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Protect your health during your ski vacation

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Protect your health during your ski vacation

Cold makes you sick. So much so, that the most common sickness itself is called a cold. This automatic thought is so deeply engraved in our brains we never seem to think about any logic behind it.
How does the cold weather affect our immune system?
It is particularly important to know why and how you need to protect your immune system while being in the cold for a prolonged period, especially if you are changing to the colder mountain climate suddenly – during your winter or ski vacation.
Contrary to popular belief…

The cold affects your health positively

The harsh weather kills off some disease spreading organisms. It is the nature cleaning the air from malefactors, as a courtesy to humans.
As a matter of fact, some nations actively seek out the cold – bathing in freezing water is believed to harden your immune system. This practice has more of a cultural basis rather than scientific. Recent study suggests cold water plunges may be beneficial for those seeking pain relief.
The cold also trains the blood vessels to be responsive. When our skin senses cold, blood vessels constrict, rushing the blood inwards to protect the most important organs from freezing.
But indeed, also…

The cold affects your health negatively

Probably during your winter holiday you will be most cautious of getting frostbite. However, there are deeper cold-related hazards you may want to think about. And, best, start preparing from now.
The cold air inhibits the immune barriers in the nose. A scientific study examined immune system responses to a cold-like virus in low and in average temperature. Observing the process closely in parallel showed that at room temperature the defense works quickly – cells produce anti-virus proteins and send them against the intruder. Setting the thermostat several degrees lower makes the response slower – allowing the virus to penetrate and infest the organism.

Start preparing today to enjoy your ski vacation hazard-free. 

NK Cell Activator

The NK (Natural Killer) cells scan your body for aging cells and deactivate them so that they do not disturb the body’s metabolism. Rice bran as an additive in the supplement serves as an immune modulator. The NK cell activator offers strong seasonal protection and is best to be taken regularly before prolonged exposure to cold. You can start as early as September or November.

Vitamin D3

During winter, we have limited access to natural light, which is a catalyst for vitamin D to be synthesized in the body. Vitamin D3 promotes bone density. If you are a sports person, you know it is important to protect your structure, to stay more active for longer. But you may not be aware latest research gives an important immune-regulator role to vitamin D3 protecting against the common cold during the cold and dark winter days.

Immune Senescence Protection Formula

For the more mature skier, it is crucial to boost their immune system before a winter vacation. The reason? There is a set of immune cells that deals with viruses. The young T cells target new and unknown threats. Old T cells fight against well-known enemies. With age, young T cell count diminishes. The Immune Senescence Protection Formula will strengthen your T cell game and make the immune response to threats faster.

Peony Immune

We are glad to be able to offer you a supplement such as Peony Immune which is perfect for combining sports and cold weather. The peony root extract is well known in China, where it has been used for its immune boosting effect for 1200 years. Modern medicine confirms the beneficial effects, believed by the Chinese, discovering the active extract paeoniflorin is strong in combating inflammation processes in the body.

Immune Modulator with Tinofend

The Tinofend standardized extract in Immune Modulator with Tinofend is a perfect choice for cold weather. Its purpose is precisely to strengthen the immune response – the same one that was mentioned earlier to be diminished when exposed to cold.

Immune Protect with Paractin

Another excellent ally when doing sports in cold weather is the Immune Protect with Paractin for its power to boost the immune system and fight against infections.

Life Extension Buffered Vitamin C Powder

The Buffered Vitamin C Powder offered by Life Extension is our suggestion for you for the winter days for a vitamin source. Sufficient levels of Vitamin C, commonly found in citrus fruits, are harder to maintain during infection or stress for the body, or immune impairment. It is crucial you make efforts to reach sufficient levels of Vitamin C in the winter. It is found to fight microbial threats and improve the effects of the natural killer cells.


Zinc deficiency is known to inhibit the process of phagocytosis, where pathogens and other threats or waste are digested by immune cells. Zinc Caps High Potency (90 capsules) and Zinc Lozenges (60 lozenges) are a perfect source of zinc for your winter vacation.

Once your body is packed with nutrients and can resist the harsh mountain climate, all that is left for you is to enjoy your ski vacation care free. Swish… swish… swish… Happy skiing!



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