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7 steps to becoming an energy machine!

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7 steps to becoming an energy machine!

Lacking energy is dangerous for your mental and physical health. Laking the mojo to go out and excersice, do things that make you happy - it leads to procrastination on important tasks, which leads to general feelings of unfulfillment and depression.
Winter is particularly challenging to your energy levels. This articles gives you the 7 rules of energy management.

Step 1. Stock up on coffee

If you are a coffee lover, good for you! These days we are prone to developing a sort of too-good-to-be-healthy paranoia where we believe if something is too delicious, too pleasant or in any way too nice, it must be unhealthy! It just seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, there is often solid ground for our suspicions. Sweets are delicious but are unhealthy. Alcohol is relaxing but is unhealthy. Coffee gives you energy, but… but nothing! Very rarely do we see a substance that enriches our lives with so many ways and is perfectly safe! It tastes amazing, smells beautiful, increases your concentration and efficiency and is overall… pure awesome. Just in case, go for an organic coffee  to avoid an impure mixture, and you are on your way to bursting the energy-meter. 


Step 2. Feed your cells 

Coffee is a popular and safe choice to boost your energy. However, do not forget the main source of energy for your body should be what you are eating. With age (and with certain medication), our bodies become less and less efficient in digesting food and feeding the tissues. Add coenzyme Q10 to your diet to help your mitochondria digest your food and absorb all nutrients from it to nourish and recover our cells. 


Step 3. Use your reserves 

Energy becomes a whole different subject when exercise is involved. If you have ever tried to cut down on sugar and move more to lose some weight you might have noticed significant drops in your power levels after as little as three days. An L-carnitine supplement is a must-have for the active community. L-carnitine is the perfect ally when you want to limit energy production from food and increase energy production from fat reserves. It transports fat to the cell mitochondria where they are processed and turned into energy.


Step 4. Unclog your body

Consistent metabolism behavior is the key to steady and manageable energy levels. If you have recently fallen ill, and have taken antibiotics, or if you have had a bad diet, your gut flora will suffer terribly, throwing your digestive system off balance, causing all sorts of irregularities, probably leaving you in need of a detox and cleansing. A natural probiotic, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, Bifido GI Balance, enhances the performance of the gut flora. It helps process food, removed waste, limits inflammatory processes, promotes healthy immune responses and ultimately, lifts the barriers for your energy level. 


Step 5. Take the most out of your food

Eating healthy is sometimes not enough. Load your digestive system with extraordinary enzymes and you will feel the effects immediately. Enzymes optimize your digestion taking all beneficial substances out of your healthy meal and distribute it to your tissues where needed, recovering your health and releasing energy slowly, giving you power to go though the day, whatever challenges are awaiting. 


Step 6. Up your protein game

Consuming good fat is important for your body, facilitating the proper functioning of the cardio-vascular and nervous system. But the main energy sources in your food are proteins and sugars. Whereas sugars are digested quickly and can give you energy spikes, they leave you exhausted afterwards. To reach steady levels of energy, you want to push the balance of your diet towards proteins. And you can do that easily with a little help from Apran. We can offer you a non-GMO, growth-hormone free whey protein. Ready for the best part? Mix with milk for a chocolate milk flavor. 


Step 7. Be happy

A negative mind will never give you a positive life. You need to make sure you are happy and relaxed. But can you? If you have recently experienced symptoms of depression or burnout, you might be suffering from low dopamine levels. Have you ever felt very relaxed after having a cup of tea? It is not just in your head. L-Theanine, an ingredient in tea, is a precursor for producing dopamine – a neurotransmitter, connected to reward-expecting behavior. It is basically a complicated way to explain that feeling that something good is coming along. Like expecting a nice meal, or a kiss. It gets the adrenaline going, giving you energy, while keeping your mind calm and collected. 



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