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Eating healthy, but not feeling healthy? Read this article.

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Eating healthy, but not feeling healthy? Read this article.

There is a side of healthy eating you hear about very rarely. Cliché as it may sound, we are what we eat. Taking in the right food and vitamins in the right quantity is essential for your health. Plenty of information is available about nutrients, calories, carbohydrates, superfoods and everything under the sun that has to do with what you have to eat. But there is not enough information about what happens after that.

If your digestive system is not healthy, you cannot absorb the best of the food you eat. This article will tell you how to strengthen your digestion mechanism and unleash your metabolism to reach all your health goals.

Two steps to healthy eating

You will be amazed to learn some of the effects it can have on your body.


In order to use your digestive system as a mechanism for improving your health you need to take two important steps.


First, you clean the mechanism. Make sure your body is prepared for the food – from the intake, to digesting, to passing the food there should be no discomfort for your tissues and your organs.


Second, improve the fauna in your stomach to make it a contributing factor to healing other systems in your body.


Process your food with a mighty machine-body


Before entering your stomach, your food passes from the throat, to the esophagus, through the sphincter - the opening of the stomach. Most people will experience from time to time a gastro-esophageal reflux – this happens when the sphincter does not close properly and allows the acid contents of the stomach back into the esophagus and sometimes all the way back to your throat. This process is not only very unpleasant because of the terrible taste, and stinging sensation from the acid. It is damaging to your esophageal tissues and may increase the chance of cancer. The Esophageal Guardian creates a protective layer between your esophageal tissue and the acid. With no direct contact, the damage is avoided and you can enjoy your reflux relief.

Protect the lining of your stomach

When the protective layer of mucus in your stomach is thinning, the digestive acid may also hurt the lining of your stomach, forming ulcers. A common cause of stomach ulcers is the infection with the Helicobacter pylori bacteria, also known as H. pylori. Stomach ulcers lead to quite undesirable and dangerous symptoms such as bloating, pain, nausea, vomiting and others. Carnosoothe with PicroProtect ™ is a cocktail of substances designed to keep H. pylori from hurting you. It has active ingredients, known to block the effects of H.pylori, such as Zinc L-carnosine, Liquorice extract and Picrorhiza kurroa.


It is the richest source of caffeine. Caffeine has many beneficial effects on your body, such as raising your energy levels, improving your concentration and even killing pain! Caffeine is also the source of hydrochloric acid, which helps your stomach digest the food. In addition, coffee stimulates the digestive tract muscles, making passing the food easier. A cup of organic coffee with your breakfast will do wonders for you.


Many people prefer the taste of foods with refined grains (white bread, white pasta) to their whole grain alternatives, and with that they are losing a valuable source of fiber. Fiber deficiency may cause constipation, blood sugar fluctuations, fatigue and even irritable bowel syndrome. Taking good fiber supplements will clean your colon and intestines, freeing you from retaining intoxicating waste. You will immediately notice improvement in your health and mood. Your immune system will become stronger and more balanced.

Give your stomach SUPER powers 

Now that you have improved the way your digestive system processes food, your body will find it easier to extract the nutrients it needs from food to function properly. Your cells are healthier, your energy levels are higher and more balanced. Your mood is better. And you have left stomach pain in the past.

Two final steps will give you extra powers to regulate your health just by eating well.

Protect your heart

On a world-wide scale more people die of cardio-vascular-related issues than anything else, making protecting your heart the best way to ensure a long life. The body stores extra cholesterol on the inside of the arteries’ walls. A blood clot may easily cause a congestion and lead to a stroke or heart attack.


However, good cholesterol is essential for the body – for vitamin D, hormone and bile production.

In your efforts to avoid high cholesterol you may develop a deficiency. FlorAssist® helps you regulate good cholesterol in healthy levels.

GI Balance and anti-inflammatory protection

A supplement, inspired by the Mediterranean diet, proven to promote a long life, Bifido GI Balance will allow you to benefit from a healthy BI. In addition, the supplement is a natural anti-inflammatory agent, blocking the pro-inflammatory cytokine Nuclear Factor kappa B (NFkB). 


In order to create your own digestion strengthening cocktail, visit Apran’s selection of digestive health supplements today.



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