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Life Extension FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic

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Article number: 100215
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Researchers are discovering more and more how important probiotics are for good general health. A product like FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic is, for example, very effective in improving digestive health. In addition, it provides a broad spectrum of other benefits for the entire body. FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic is of value to use as a supplement, for instance, to guarantee your good health or for extra resistance when you expect a demanding period filled with stress.

Support for healthy cholesterol

FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic provides very specifically for a healthy cholesterol level if that is within healthy levels. This benefit comes from lactobacillus reuteri 30242, a probiotic with a targeted action, for example, aimed at supporting a good natural reaction to inflammation. It also provides for proper functioning of fibrinogen, leading to good blood clotting and supporting a healthy LDL level, in turn, reducing the risk of a cardiovascular problem. It also contributes to an adequate level of vitamin D, also important for good cardiovascular health. Note as well that FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic supports preservation of healthy levels of vitamin D, for instance, if that is already on a healthy level.

FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic is easy to take

The careful composition of FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic ensures a unique, easy-to-take product. It is easy to swallow and does not have any bad aftertaste, so that many people benefit from the capsule.

A capsule is best taken twice daily during meals. You can thus guarantee a beneficial supplement to a healthy life style, also with a thought to the condition of your heart. You can order FlorAssist® Heart Health Probiotic easily online; we ensure you will receive the product at home as soon as possible.


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