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Article number: 100234
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


Our immune system bears a heavy burden, especially during the winter months. It is wise to use a supplement that can support this system. NK Cell Activator™ is a good example. The Natural Killer (NK) cells work as ‘first responders’ for the body, as they provide a first reaction. As soon as they recognise a potential attack from outside, they act immediately to trigger protection by the immune system. With NK Cell Activator™, you can fortify your immune system, so that you can count on maximum effectiveness from your immune system.

Immune system and aging

Additionally, the NK cells recognize aged cells in the body that concentrate in older tissue and can disturb the metabolism. NK Cell Activator™ acts on these cells and eliminates them, so that the immune system can give optimum protection against potentially harmful external influences. Primarily when we grow older, the strength of our natural NK cells diminishes, so that a supplement with extra NK cells would be of great advantage for the body. You can then compensate for the natural weakening of the immune system and strengthen the immune system by using NK Cell Activator™.

Seasonal protection

Because of its special composition, NK Cell Activator™ provides seasonal protection. It incorporates, for instance, modified rice bran that contains a strong immune modulator. NK Cell Activator™ offers positive support for the natural NK cells in the body in such a way that the immune system is strengthened ideally. A clinical study in which 500 mg of rice bran a day were used indicated positive effects. Once you begin the supplement, you may expect results within a few weeks, so that it is wise to start using NK Cell Activator™ before winter.

Scientific results of NK Cell Activator™

A further scientific study indicated that the rice bran in NK Cell Activator™ provides a boost for the myeloid dendritic cells that act as an important messenger system between the natural and the acquired immune system of the body. It is thus recommended that you take 1 tablet of NK Cell Activator™ a day during the 4 winter months to provide good protection against possible harmful external influences. Naturally you can order the product easily online to improve your immune system and to pass the winter months as healthy as possible.


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