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Ki Science Standard Array For Foot Spa

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Article number: 106100
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks

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Standard Array for Foot Spa

Replacement Standard Array for Foot Spa

Should only be used in conjunction with the KiScience Advanced Hydrogen Detox Foot spa



  • Replacement Standard Array for Foot Spa


Instructions for use:

  • For detox foot spa treatments
  • Submerge the standard array into a footbath and enjoy a relaxing detox foot spa treatment.
  • If using the Standard Array, add no more than a 1⁄4 of a tea spoon of salt and stir before plugging the array.
  • The array needs to be replaced after being used for a certain amount of times, as it is a consumable item. The array should last for approximately 35-40 uses, also depending on the quality and mineral content of the water and the length of each detox session.


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