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Article number: 100214
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


TruFlora™ combines some powerful probiotic stem cells with fibre-digesting enzymes. They may be used separately or combined with other probiotics to increase the general effectiveness even more. It is also possible to use the different probiotics alternately.

TruFlora™ probiotics

Do you use only TruFlora™? In this case, the product settles on the intestinal contents such as food in the small intestine and waste products in the large intestine. It prevents colonizing by other undesired microorganisms in these places, so that probiotics can contribute to good health.

Do you use TruFlora™ in combination with other probiotics? In that case, TruFlora™ creates an “internal probiotic culture” (IPC), a full-fledged internal probiotic culture that ensures settlement on the lining as well as on the contents of the intestine. In this manner, the probiotics ensure a strong interaction to protect the contents as well as the intestine itself from harmful microorganisms. After the probiotics have settled, the harmful ones will have no opportunity to settle because the free spaces are already occupied, so that you will have fewer problems.

TruFlora™ in the intestine

When you choose TruFlora™, you have more than 15 billion probiotic CFU (number of bacteria), in addition to more than 10,400 units of beta-glucan which make their digesting force available deep in the intestine. A very strong probiotic reaction is generated, and the final result is a well-functioning and healthy intestine and a normal stool.

Transport into the intestine

TruFlora™ is different from other probiotics because it is transported effectively into the intestine. To reach it, the product must pass through, for example, the acidic stomach, where strong resistance is needed against these acidic liquids. The buffered alginate gel technology of TruFlora™ provides good protection to ensure transport into the intestine without damage and provides good resistance against harmful microorganisms. In this manner, TruFlora™ probiotics can contribute effectively to good health, proving itself a valuable supplement. Do you wish to order TruFlora™? You can order easily online; we deliver the product as soon as possible to your home address.


Bob N. 14-05-2016 19:51

Finally good intestinal flora and I really feel healthy. It is a good company with qualitative products. I already bought products several times and I was always satisfied. Packaging is discreet and delivery fast.

Bob N. 14-05-2016 18:21

A nouveau j’ai une bonne flore intestinale et je suis vraiment en bonne santé. Entreprise vraiment tout à fait satisfaisante avec des produits de bonne qualité. J’ai déjà acheté plusieurs produits et j’ai toujours été content. Emballage discret et livraison rapide.

Bob N. 14-05-2016 06:56

Habe wieder eine gesunde Darmflora und fühle mich einfach gesund. Super Unternehmen mit wirklich qualitativen Produkten. Habe schon mehrere Produkte gekauft und war immer zufrieden. Diskrete Verpackung und schnelle Lieferung.

BOB N. 14-05-2015 18:48

Weer een gezonde darmflora en goede gezondheid, prima bedrijf met kwaliteitsvolle producten, heb reeds meerdere producten gekocht, telkens tevreden. Discrete verpakking en vlotte levering.

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