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Article number: 100213
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


Theralac® uses a pioneering technology to deliver all included probiotics live into the intestines and provide a maximum beneficial action there. The use of Theralac® can help you prevent the presence of harmful microorganisms in the intestine. Theralac® enters live into the intestine to allow the probiotics to be properly effective, so that you can count on an optimal bacterial balance.

Theralac® probiotics

Theralac® arrives 100% live into the intestine. Once the supplement arrives, the LactoStim® in Theralac® induces stimulation of the Theralac® stem cells. LactoStim® is a patented probiotic composition that helps feed the probiotics and thus activate them. Because of the quick colonisation on the intestinal lining, intestine and bowel movements can normalise quickly, with Theralac® having an immediate effect, leading to increased resistance against harmful microorganisms in the intestine.

Fewer harmful microorganisms in the intestine

Probiotics thus become increasingly beneficial in the intestine. Where Theralac® is present on the intestinal lining, harmful microorganisms have no opportunity to settle because these places are already occupied. Additionally, the probiotics produce lactic acid, an acidity regulator that effectively helps counter the growth of harmful bacteria, so that they cause fewer problems.

Each dose of Theralac® is pretested for its potential production of lactic acid as well as for the formation of colonies on the intestinal lining. Theralac® has additionally been pretested to guarantee purity, thus providing you with probiotics of the highest possible quality, contributing effectively to your health.

Order effective probiotics

Many people tend to assess probiotics based upon the CFU numbers (colony forming unit = the number of bacteria available) on the packaging. However, consider that many probiotics are dead before they reach the intestine; they cannot resist the strong acids in the stomach. Fortunately Theralac® probiotics do survive because of the patented gel formula. The use of sodium alginate from sea weed and grape skin provides good protection for the probiotics stem cells, so that a strong dose of about 30 billion CFU actually do reach the intestine. Do you wish to order Theralac® probiotics? We provide smooth delivery to your home address, so that you can use the product immediately.


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