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Life Extension Super R-Lipoic Acid, 240 Mg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Article number: 100041
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


Lipoic acid can help protect against oxidative stress caused by high glucose levels ( diabetic antioxidants). There are two different forms (isomers) of alpha lipoic acid with very different properties. R-Lipoic acid, found in the body, is the biologically active component which is responsible for lipoic acid´s excellent antioxidant effects. Then there is the “S” form, which is chemically manufactured and is not very biologically active. Most supplements contain a 50/50 ratio of the “R” and “S” forms. In other words, a 100mg alpha-lipoic supplement provides 50 mg of the biologically active “R” form. Super R-Lipoic Acid is an effective diabetes medication.

Superiority of the “R” form.

The body normally produces and uses the “R” form. This bioactive form works as a natural anti-inflammatory, is a powerful free-radical scavenger (known as antioxidants) and has been shown to be more potent than a combination of the “R” and “S” forms contained in most alpha-lipoic acid supplements. Life Extension has developed a newer, more beneficial form of lipoic acid, Super R- Lipoic Acid.

The benefits of Super R-Lipoic Acid

Life Extension´s Super R-Lipoic Acid has been shown to possess superior bioavailability, stability and potency to provide a whole range of health benefits. Life Extension´s supplement converts the biologically active “T” form of lipoic acid into sodium-lipoic acid, which in a recent human study attained peak blood levels between 10 and 30 times higher than pure R-lipoic acid. Not only does this new form achieve higher levels, it also reaches them more quickly, ensuring faster absorption from the plasma into the tissues. A recent study showed that after oral ingestion of Super R-Lipoic Acid, peak plasma levels were reached within 10-20 minutes. It is therefore a fast acting diabetic treatment and fast anti-inflammatory.

Stability in the body

Super R-Lipoic Acid is more stable in the body than other forms, which is the reason for its greater absorption and bioavailability compared to R-lipoic acid. R-lipoic acid is known to have excellent antioxidant effects which support healthy mitochondrial function. Super R- Lipoic acid contributes to an even greater degree to maintaining youthful cellular energy levels, a sort of anti-ageing.

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