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Life Extension Sea-Iodine, 1000 mcg, 60 Vegetarian Capsules

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Article number: 100158
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There is strong evidence that salt intake is closely related to hypertension or raised blood pressure, especially to the rise in blood pressure associated with age. For decades it has been recommended that people lower the amount of salt consumed, as even modest reductions in dietary salt could reduce cardiovascular conditions and health issues such as angina, blocked arteries around the heart and strokes, all of which are associated with high blood pressure. However, when people restrict the amount of iodized table salt they use, they sometimes unwittingly reduce their iodine intake to less than optimal levels. Analyses have shown that urine iodine levels have dropped dramatically since the 1970s. So iodine supplements are sometimes needed to make up the deficit.

Iodine is an essential trace element for life, and thankfully we can restore balance with iodine supplements. The thyroid, or thyroid gland - a butterfly-shaped gland which wraps itself around the windpipe or trachea at the front of the neck - uses iodine from the diet to produce the hormones T3 (triiodothyronine) and T4 (thyroxine) and releases them into the blood. T4 and T3 contain four and three atoms of iodine per molecule respectively. These hormones regulate the body’s metabolic rate as well as heart and digestive function, muscle control, brain development and bone maintenance. The thyroid´s correct functioning depends on a good supply of iodine from the diet. And if enough iodine is not obtained from foods containing iodine, then iodine supplements may be required.

About 50% of Europe has a mild iodine deficiency, and iodine intake in a number of industrialised countries including the United States and Australia has fallen in recent years. Iodine deficiency during pregnancy and infancy may impair growth and neurodevelopment. Deficiency during childhood reduces somatic growth and cognitive and motor function. So iodine supplements are very important.

Those involved in strenuous physical activity lose iodine through perspiration and may suffer from iodine deficiency if iodine supplements are not used to restore iodine levels. Vegetarians and vegans may also suffer since animal-derived foods are richer in iodine than plant-based foods, and so often they may be iodine deficient. One study showed 25% of vegetarians and 80% of vegans to be suffering from iodine deficiency compared to 9% of the persons on a mixed nutrition. Sea vegetables and plants are a rich food source of iodine, and in regions where no marine foods are eaten, people have lower iodine levels. This is frequently remedied by using iodized table salt, which, however, involves the health issues associated with a high salt intake. But iodine supplements containing iodine from the sea could be the answer.

It is possible to reduce salt intake without losing the health benefits of iodine. Sea-Iodine™ is a low-cost proprietary formulation iodine supplement containing natural ingredients obtained from a blend of organic sea algae that can be taken on a daily basis without the risks of excessive salt-intake to support optimal iodine levels. The algae in Sea Iodine™ provide over 667% of the recommended daily value of natural iodine supplement. This iodine supplement is also available as Vitamin D3 with Sea Iodine™

Sea-Iodine™ is a natural iodine supplement that can be ordered online. Prompt delivery assured.


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