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Life Extension One-Per-Day Tablets, 60 Tablets

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Article number: 100172
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Life Extension One-Per-Day Tablets are vitamin tablets. This product offers a unique mix of health supplements that contribute to excellent health. Many of us prefer to take supplements one at a time to alleviate only certain deficiencies. You can use Life Extension One-Per-Day to work on your health issues on various levels. You yourself can decide which additional health supplements you would like to take besides the Life Extension One-Per-Day vitamin tablets. You put together your own daily supplement package, so to speak, and set a proper basis with the Life Extension One-Per-Day vitamin tablet. Thanks to the ease of one tablet a day with these vitamin supplements, you do not have to worry about taking in enough important nutrients.

Powerful mix in vitamin tablets

By using Life Extension One-Per-Day vitamin tablets, you can use a powerful formula that contains different vitamins and minerals. These nutrients can be found in the Life Extension Two-per-Day health supplements. The ease of the Life Extension One-Per-Day lies in the fact that you need to take only 1 tablet a day. Compared to other products that require only 1 tablet a day, this product is 50 times more potent, primarily because of the quality of the supplements Life Extension uses.

Ingredients in Life Extension One-Per-Day health supplements

By choosing Life Extension One-Per-Day vitamin tablets, you can use a combination of three effective types of selenium: sodium selenite, L-selenomethionine, and methyl-L-selenocysteine. Furthermore, you can rely on vitamin B12 in the form of methylcobalamin, the active co-enzyme form of vitamin B12 which the body easily absorbs.

In addition, you would be using Crominex ® 3+, a stable and biologically active form of chromium, in combination with Capros ® Amla and PrimaVie ® Shilajit. As part of a healthy diet, chrome helps maintain proper blood sugar level. Furthermore, you would be using alpha-lipoic acid, a universal antioxidant that helps maintain your glutathione levels.

Life Extension One-Per-Day health supplements also contains cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), a form of vitamin D. You also take in vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 in addition to zinc and a natural mix of tocopherols.

Benefits of Life Extension One-Per-Day

Life Extension One-Per-Day health supplements provide more vitamin C (8 times more) compared to similar vitamin tablets by other manufacturers. In addition, you can expect a greater amount of vitamin D (4 times higher), double the vitamin E, 10 times more biotin and 25 times more vitamin B6 compared to similar formulas.

Do you wish to use Life Extension One-Per-Day vitamin supplements? You can easily order the product online, and we will ensure fast delivery.


Laura V. 13-06-2016 20:06

Lastig is die dagelijkse vermoeidheid, maar met life extension,,, voel ik mij terug energetisch en fit. Ik kan terug genieten van mijn actief sociaal leven en stress op het werk heb ik nog nauwelijks. Goede aanvulling op mijn gezonde levensstijl. Ik gebruik het product al maanden en voel me er goed bij. Ik ben zeer tevreden met dit product, en ik raad het ook aan mensen die een goede vitaminekuur willen volgen.

An 18-03-2016 08:06

Ik volg een streng dieet mijn diëtiste heet mij aangeraden vitaminen supplementen te nemen en deze van apran zijn heel goed, ik voel mij terug vitaal en levenslustig. Hypovitaminose helemaal verdwenen. Heel goed product.

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