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Ki Science Propolair Propolis Diffuser: Breathe Model

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Artikelnummer: 106027
Levertijd: 2-3 weken

PropolAir Propolis Diffuser: Breathe Model

Made of solid ash wood, handcrafted in Italy, with a design inspired by nature and by the wonderful world of bees, the PropolAir Propolis Diffuser Breathe model luxuriously brings the woodland air into your space and offers a new way to sanitise your surroundings through the gentle diffusion of propolis.

Comes with one included capsule. The diffuser only works in conjunction with Kontak propolis capsules which can be purchased from Ki Science here. The Kontak propolis capsules are produced from the finest Italian and certified organic propolis. Each capsule is for single use and lasts approximately 122 hour.



  • Propolis diffusers offer a unique way to sanitise your surroundings through the gentle diffusion of propolis (a resinous mixture produced by honey bees). The diffuser works by gently heating and cooling the organic propolis contained within a special capsule, sublimating propolis volatiles into the atmosphere. When the specifically designed ionizer is activated, the sanitising power is enhanced through the release of negatively charged propolis particles. Positively charged volatile airborne particles such as bacteria, mould spores and fungi are then attracted to and treated by the antiseptic and antibiotic properties of propolis. Dust and other airborne particles are also trapped by the propolis volatiles and are forced out of suspension to the ground. In this way, biological and chemical pollutants are removed from the air, creating a sanitised environment with all the added benefits for our respiratory systems, as well as a pleasant undergrowth aroma.
  • The Breathe Model is handcrafted from solid ash wood and comes with the ionizer function. The device can be enjoyed with the Environmental Program – Environmental sanitation through the spread of the volatile fraction of propolis. For the Breathe model, an external tube or mask cannot be attached.
  • You have full control over the following functions:
    • Ionizer – The ionizer enhances the sanitising properties of propolis and can effectively saturate rooms up to 30m2 with propolis. Through the ionization process, the propolis molecules released in the air take on a negative electric charge and attract volatile particles of opposite polarity, such as bacteria, smoke, viruses and dust, on which the natural antiseptic, bacteriostatic antibiotic properties of propolis are exercised. Microorganisms are inhibited and cannot develop; thus the air gets rid of harmful and polluting substances, and our respiratory system can fully enjoy the active ingredients of propolis.
    • Please Note:Disabling the ionizer allows the diffuser to be used even by children under 3 years of age.


Instructions for use:

  • The plug provided is a UK plug. All our diffusers work with 5 volt power supply and they can be powered both at 220v and 110/120v.



  • Do not move the device while in use, as the propolis capsule can be hot and the propolis might melt during the sublimation process. When replacing the capsule, wait until the device and the exhausted capsule has cooled down.


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