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This toothbrush attracts plaque like a magnet. Your teeth have never been and never felt so clean thanks to its revolutionary action.


  • The principle of the Ionic toothbrush comes from an ioniser. This is a device that produces ions. These ions are negatively charged particles. Their function is to attract positively charged particles. A Ionic Toothbrush has the same function and thus produces negative ions. Plaque and dirt are positively charged. An ionic toothbrush therefore attracts all plaque and dirt like a magnet.
  • Your teeth have never been so clean. And that without scrubbing your teeth, like with a normal toothbrush. Many users even report that their natural tooth colour was restored within weeks of using the Ionic Toothbrush.
  • Plaque is released in the most difficult-to-reach places. It is clinically proven that an Ionic toothbrush is more effective than a regular toothbrush in removing all plaque (source). It also prevents bleeding of the gums. Users of the Ionic Toothbrush report cleaner and whiter teeth and little or no plaque when they visit their dentist.
  • Actually, the whole point of brushing is to remove plaque. But many independent studies show that electric toothbrushes, including Oral-B for example, do not remove significantly more plaque than a regular manual toothbrush(source). On the other hand, scientific studies show that an ionic toothbrush removes significantly more plaque (source, source and source).
  • As a result, many health-conscious consumers prefer the Ionic toothbrush over an electric toothbrush. In addition, the Ionic Toothbrush is quiet, small and ready to use anywhere - it does not need a charger or adaptor. The Ionic Toothbrush has also been scientifically proven as 100% safe (source). Treat yourself to only the very best for your teeth, too!
  • There are now several ionic toothbrushes on the market, but there is only one that is really the best: Dr. Tung's Ionic Toothbrush. This toothbrush is of the highest quality. This also applies to the battery, which lasts for about two years. You can simply place a slightly moist finger on the metal plate of the toothbrush and all your plaque will be removed in one quick brushstroke.


Operating instructions:

  • While brushing, keep a slightly moist finger on the metal plate of the toothbrush. Toothpaste can be used, but this toothbrush is also often used without toothpaste.


Storage advice:

  • After use, clean the toothbrush and store it dry. This way the battery lasts longer. The toothbrush has a built-in battery tester. When you press this button, a red light comes on. The battery lasts approximately two years with normal use. Unfortunately, the battery cannot be replaced.


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