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Life Extension CocoaMind, 14 single-serving Packets

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      • Help sharpening your ability to concentrate and support focus, attention and working memory
      • Tastes great and mixes into water, coffee, or milk easily
      • Can support overall brain health and help protect your brain against inflammatory factors


Why it Works:

  • There are many situations in every-day life that demands full concentration and focus, whether it is in your spare time, at home, or at work. Cocoa powder found in CocoaMind can encourage increased neuron activity in the brain. It also helps enhance changes in brain blood flow and oxygen metabolism that goes with it [1]. CocoaMind™ also contains a potent spearmint extract called Neumentix™ [2]. Research has indicated that this unique extract can instantly improve focus, reaction times, attention, planning, concentration, and quality of working memory [2]. On top of that the spearmint extract found in CocoaMind also promote neurological health and inhibit inflammatory factors [2].


The Science Behind the Product:

  • In 2013, Sorond F.A. et al published a randomized, double-blind study, testing the effectiveness of cocoa powder [1]. Sixty older people participated in the study. Study participants were given two cups of cocoa. Studies showed that cocoa powder can improve performance in tests required to maintain concentration, focus and attention [1]. It was also showed that it can contribute to an improvement in neuronal activity that affects blood flow and oxygen metabolism in the brain [1].
  • In 2015, Nieman K.M. et al published a study, checking the effectiveness of Neumentix extract found in CocoaMind [2]. 73% of women and 27% of men with an average age of 58.7 participated in the study. Studies showed that this unique extract can improve acute performance on mental tests which demand attention, focus and concentration [2]. Neumentix also helps performance on tests that rely on working memory [2]. Neumentix plays a role in improvement of neurological health and can help to suppress inflammatory factors [2].


How to Use:

      • Gradually mix one (1) packet into 26.66 cl[1] of hot liquid (to taste) and stir thoroughly
      • Because this product contains natural cocoa powder, some clumping can be expected during mixing.
      • Use one (1) packet daily as needed, with or without food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.


Supplement Facts

      • Serving Size 1 Packet (approx. 13.3 g)
      • Chocolate (cocoa) powder (bean) 10 g
      • Neumentix™ phenolic complex 900 mg
      • Other ingredients: guar gum, maltodextrin, sunflower oil powder, silica, stevia extract, natural peppermint flavor, rice starch, modified food starch, thaumatin.
      • Non-GMO



      • Keep out of reach of children.
      • For external use only.
      • Avoid contact with eyes.
      • If product contacts eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.
      • If rash or irritation occurs, please discontinue use.


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