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Life Extension MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)

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Article number: 100010
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MSM is a sulphur-containing molecule found in various plants and tissues in the body and is an efficient source of the sulphur that is used by many of the body´s structural molecules. However, modern farming methods can cause its depletion, thus often making it difficult to obtain adequate amounts of MSM in our diet. These MSM supplements can ensure that the body ingests adequate levels.

Important biological building block

MSM is an important building block for joints, cartilage, skin, hair and nails. Supplementing with MSM can help nourish and strengthen body tissues, promote healthy collagen production, maintain strong joints and connective tissue and reduce stress in the cartilage and tendons, even as we age. MSM has also been shown to be beneficial to recovery from sports and muscle injuries and works well as a muscle recovery supplement.

Some peer-review clinical research has shown that MSM is a safe and effective joint supplement and a way of increasing joint comfort and supporting overall mobility.

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