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Life Extension Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin, 30 capsules, 2-pack

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Article number: 100208
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Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin will help you fall asleep more easily, so that you can get enough sleep. Insufficient sleep results in more problems than only fatigue and decreased performance. Years of clinical research have shown that too little sleep brings other consequences for the body. We need sufficient sleep for a youthful appearance and healthy skin. Moreover, sufficient sleep helps promote healthy collagen formation, and it keeps the insulin level within healthy limits. In addition, sufficient sleep influences our blood pressure, cell division, cardiovascular health and our mood. Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin is for this reason a valuable supplement for our health.

Sleeping badly as a consequence of stress

Scientists attribute many sleep problems to high stress levels. We must reduce stress levels to sleep better, especially because, when we grow older, we automatically spend fewer hours in bed and the quality of our sleep is reduced. In this respect, stress symptoms are an extra blow to our health, something Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin can remedy.

Bioactive milk peptides

Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin contains, for example, bioactive milk peptides (lactium). This is a state-of-the-art nutrient consisting of patented bioactive peptides, a natural substance in milk. These nutrients help provide a sustainable and restful sleep. Publicized studies indicate that they help reduce stress and improve relaxation, two important elements conducive to achieving sufficient sleep. Furthermore, these peptides enable Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin to contribute to healthy cognition during the day.

Sendara® in Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin

Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin also contains Sendara®, a nutritional complex consisting of ashwagandha and extracts from the Indian gooseberry. Traditional cultures are particularly convinced of this plant’s power to give the skin a healthy function and appearance. Clinically as well, this nutrient has received more and more validation; it appears more often in skin care products. Ashwagandha allows us to cope better with stress. Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin helps in this respect to improve sleep by reducing stress symptoms. Additionally, it provides for healthy skin and appearance. Would you like to order Enhanced Sleep without Melatonin online? We ensure smooth delivery to your home address, so that you can start using it right away.


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