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Life Extension Branched Chain Amino Acids, 90 capsules

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Article number: 100047
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks


The branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) L-valine, L-leucine, and L-isoleucine improve protein synthesis in the liver and muscle cells, and are an increasingly popular fitness supplement and bodybuilding supplement. As these amino acids can be oxidised in the cells´ mitochondria, they may provide energy and act as sources of fuel for the skeletal muscles during periods of metabolic stress, such as during workouts, bodybuilding and fitness. But they are also used for health benefits, which we look at below.

Health benefits of branched chain amino acids

BCAAs have been used medicinally to successfully support liver function, and thus work as an effective liver disease treatment. Supplementation with BCAAs has also been shown to improve insulin resistance and the function of beta cells in the pancreas (responsible for storing and releasing insulin) making it a useful diabetic medication, and it is also effective in enhancing energy metabolism and glucose tolerance in some people. A study with mice showed that when concentrations of BCAAs in the hippocampus were restored to normal, this helped the synapses to function normally, thus restoring normal brain function. BCAAs are used as an athletic supplement, as well as a bodybuilding supplement used to support and maintain muscle growth, improve mental and physical performance and repair the micro-injuries to the muscle that are a normal result of exercise. Branched chain amino acids reduce perceived exertion and mental fatigue while exercising.

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Walter M. 09-06-2015 20:41

J’aime bien faire du bodybuilding, mais j’ai également besoin de branched chain amino. Si tu veux atteindre un bon résultat, alors tu as besoin de protéines. Le résultat est là, je suis un homme heureux.

Walter M. 09-06-2015 18:53

I love bodybuilding, but I also need branched chain amino for muscle building. If you want to achieve good results, then you need proteins. The good result is there, I’m a happy man.

Walter M. 09-06-2015 17:54

Bodybuilding beoefen doe ik heel graag maar voor de opbouw en herstel van spieren gebruik ik ^^brached chain amino^^ , ja wil je een goed resultaat bekomen dan heb je veel eiwitten nodig. Resultaat is er, ben een tevreden man.

Walter M. 09-06-2015 16:45

Ich mache liebend gerne Bodybuilding, aber z.B. für den Aufbau von Muskeln benutze ich auch branched chain amino. Wenn man ein gutes Ergebnis erzielen will, dann braucht man viel Eiweiß. Und das Ergebnis ist da, ich bin zufrieden.

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