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T.A. Sciences TA-65MD 100IE Subscription (30 capsules)

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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Bestellingen worden terug verstuurd vanaf maandag 14 augustus - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Levertijd: 2 - 5 dagen

This product is offered as a subscription. A minimum of 3 deliveries is required. We will contact you after your purchase to arrange when your next delivery should take place, automatically!

TA-65 products cannot be delivered to Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Switserland or France. Product info is only available in English.


TA-65 MD® is a unique extract from the Astragalus plant that helps you preserve healthy cells and tissue. It is an innovative anti-aging treatment product which has a beneficial influence on aging symptoms. Would you like to maintain that feeling of youth? TA-65 MD® increases the body’s resistance, which in turn has positive effects on the immune system.

Health benefits of TA-65 MD®

The health benefits of TA-65 MD® include helping you preserve healthy cells and tissue. This product offers anti-aging benefits, increases the body’s resistance and supports the immune system. Furthermore, TA-65 MD® can improve the elasticity of your skin to give you youthful skin, can contribute to better hair quality, and provide for more performance and more flexibility of your joints. Thanks to TA-65MD®, your eyesight will improve, you can protect your DNA, you can sleep better, and it can even enhance sexual performance. TA-65 MD® is of great value, making it easily worth the price.

What TA-65 MD® dosage do I choose?

Let your doctor determine your individual dosage. The package contains 30 capsules, 100 units each, and has the same efficacy as the 90 capsule package of 250 units each, but the dosage with 100 units takes longer to have a similar effect. Bear in mind that it can take up to 3 months before you notice improvements and can actually observe what influence TA-65 MD® anti-aging treatment has on you personally. You can use the Life Length Test to check how many softgels you should take per day. Repeat the test every 12 months to check your progress.

Hayflick limit

Only recently has science discovered that the length of telomeres (parts of our cells that affect how we age) is of great influence on the immune system and the body’s aging. For example, it has been shown that people aged 60 and older with longer telomeres have a significantly better heart condition and immune system than people the same age with shorter telomeres.

The discovery that cell division is related to cell aging was made by Professor Leonard Hayflick in 1961. He discovered that cells can divide only a limited number of times. He called this the Hayflick limit. It was not until thirty years later that the link with telomeres and anti-aging was discovered by Calvin Harley (McMaster University, Canada) and Carol Greider (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, US). They discovered that shortening telomeres was the cause of the Hayflick limit.

Scientists Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak discovered how the ends of DNA strands are protected by telomeres. They also found out that telomeres can be rebuilt by the enzyme telomerase. By exposing cells to telomerase, cell aging is delayed, giving the cells time to divide again. For these discoveries, Blackburn, Greider and Szostak won the Noble Prize for physiology (medicine) in 2009.

T.A. Sciences® is the producer of TA-65 MD® anti-aging treatment. T.A. Sciences® worked for many years on the safety and development of this product. So far, no negative side effects or contraindications have been discovered. T.A. Sciences® has been given a GRAS classification (Generally Recognized As Safe) by a regulatory body in the US. Therefore you can safely use TA-65 MD®.

At this moment, TA-65 MD® is being developed as an anti-aging treatment for dogs as well as for horses. The reason is that it became known to T.A. Sciences® that dog owners also wished to give TA-65 MD® to their dogs to extend the life of their beloved pets. Research has shown that the telomere length in dogs shortens 10 times faster than in humans, explaining their shorter life spans. In 2012, a study was published showing that certain breeds of dog such as Beagles, Golden Labrador retrievers and poodles have longer telomeres and therefore, on average, become older than other breeds. Since then, T.A. Sciences® has been working on a TA-65 MD® anti-aging treatment for dogs and expects to release it on the market soon.

Furthermore, T.A. Sciences® also conducts research on a TA-65 MD® product for horses and is working on obtaining TA-65 MD® product registration as medication. A special TA-65 MD® product for the skin (TA-65® for Skin) is already available in our web shop.


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