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Cosmesis Bioflavonoid Cream provides your skin with targeted topical support by harnessing the power of naturally occurring plant metabolites called flavonoids. Three of the best known — quercetin, hesperidin and rutin — have solid research on their skin-supporting benefits. Quercetin combats premature aging at the cellular level by enhancing the viability of skin cells, which has a direct impact on your skin’s elasticity and collagen. When applied directly to the skin, quercetin helps to protect skin’s antioxidants from sun radiation and increases the production of collagen, a substance necessary for optimal skin support.

Hesperidin helps to guard against uneven skin tone by maintaining the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme responsible for producing the skin pigment melanin. And rutin provides targeted support for the capillaries and veins just under the surface of your skin. This boosts skin health by allowing it to receive more oxygen and nutrients. As beneficial as these plant metabolites are on their own, they exhibit an even greater effect when used together. Cosmesis Bioflavonoid Cream combines the power of all three of these natural ingredients to help you to defend against visible signs of premature ageing.

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