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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Article number: 100174
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days


Tri Sugar ShieldTM blood sugar regulator helps reduce high blood sugar levels, something many people have problems with as they age. Even if you eat a healthy diet and get adequate exercise, your blood sugar levels can still increase. This increase is caused, for example, by excessive gluconeogenesis, a process in which the liver creates too much glucose from proteins. Another cause is the accelerated conversion of starch into glucose, resulting in high blood sugar levels later in life.

You can combat this increased blood sugar level by using Tri Sugar ShieldTM to reduce blood sugar. By using only vegetable nutrients, you can fight high glucose levels naturally.

Sorghum Bran Extract to reduce blood sugar levels

Tri Sugar ShieldTM blood sugar regulator contains, for example, Sorghum Bran Extract, an extract of a grass from South Asia that contributes to maintaining a healthy blood sugar level. It balances the rate of sugar production in the liver (gluconeogenesis), improves insulin sensitivity, and controls the PRAR-gamma, a metabolic thermostat that regulates glucose metabolism (to reduce blood sugar levels). Furthermore, this extract regulates the enzyme alpha-amylase that controls the release of sugar from starch.

Mulberry leaf extract blood sugar reduction

By using Tri Sugar ShieldTM to reduce blood sugar levels, you also benefit from Mulberry leaf extract, an extract of the leaf of the mulberry tree. Chinese medicine has been using this extract for centuries to naturally lower blood sugar. It focuses on alpha-glucosidase, an enzyme that controls the conversion of starch into glucose and supports GLUT4, a glucose transporter which removes glucose from the bloodstream and transports it to the muscles and to the liver cells. This extract also contributes to the promotion of insulin sensitivity.

Phloridzin to lower blood sugar naturally

Finally, Tri Sugar ShieldTM also contains phloridzin, a natural polyphenol found in many fruit trees. It focuses on the SGLT1, a protein carrier that helps fight the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream, helping to lower blood sugar naturally. It also helps the protein carrier SGLT2, which is responsible for the elimination of glucose through urination. In summary, Sugar Tri ShieldTM focuses on the different paths glucose takes to effectively counter these effects.

Would you like to use Tri Sugar ShieldTM yourself? You can easily order this product online, so that you can start using it as soon as possible.


Josée L. 01-09-2015 14:40

There are a lot of members of my family who have diabetes, and it appeared when getting older. Now I am 50 years old and of course, I worry more. THAT’S WHY I PREFER TO ACT BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. I use TRI SUGAR of APRAN////// I try to eat healthy and to do some sport. My doctor was surprised when he saw my values, there has been a huge change compared to the values that were diagnosed 6 months ago. Thank you Apran, I am sure you believe me when I tell you that I am really happy.

Josée L. 01-09-2015 07:33

Veel van mijn familieleden hebben ouderdom diabetes, nu ikzelf 50 jaar geworden ben, ben ik ook bewust van wat mij eventueel te wachten staat. DAAROM BETER VOORKOMEN DAN SUIKERZIEKTE KRIJGEN. Ik gebruik TRI SUGAR VAN APRAN////// probeer gezond te eten en doe beetje aan sport. Mijn dokter staat versteld dat mijn glucose waarde tegenwoordig heel goed is, half jaar geleden kwam ik in de zone van beginnende suikerziekte … Dank APRAN team, jullie kunnen wel geloven dat ik super blij ben.

Josée L. 01-09-2015 06:05

Viele Familienangehörige haben im späten Alter Diabetes bekommen, und desto älter ich werde, desto mehr mache ich mir natürlich Sorgen, ich bin jetzt 50 Jahre alt geworden. ICH WILL LIEBER HANDELN BEVOR ES ZU SPÄT IST. Ich benutze TRI SUGAR VON APRAN////// Ich versuche einfach gesund zu essen und mache ein bisschen Sport. Mein Arzt ist wirklich erstaunt über meine im Moment guten Werte, denn es ist nur ein halbes Jahr her, da sah es noch ganz anders aus... Danke Apran-Team, ihr glaubt mir bestimmt, dass ich glücklich bin.

Josée L. 01-09-2015 03:55

J’ai beaucoup de membres de la famille qui ont le diabète. Il est apparu avec le vieillissement. Maintenant que j’ai 50 ans, j’ai bien évidemment aussi de plus en plus peur. JE PRÉFÈRE AGIR AVANT ÊTRE MALADE. J’utilise TRI SUGAR D’APRAN////// j’essaie de manger sainement et de faire du sport. Mon docteur est étonné car actuellement, mes résultats sont biens, il y a 6 mois c’était encore différent. Merci Apran, je crois que vous me croyez si je vous dis que je suis contente.

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