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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Article number: 100192
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days

TMG contributes to a healthy heart. TMG stands for trimethylglycine, referred to as glycine betaine, but trimethylglycine is a better name in this case. Three methyl groups are bonded to each glycine molecule, which explains the name TMG. It is a product that can contribute to a healthy heart, for example, by lowering concentrations of homocysteine and the C-reactive protein. Essentially, it is a heart supplement.

Healthy heart supplements

As early as 1950 it was discovered that TMG has a significantly positive effect on the health of the heart. TMG heart supplements function in a similar way as does vitamin B12, but it still is just a bit different. It is a ‘’methyl donor’’. Different mechanisms in the body convert harmful homocysteine back to methionine, so that homocysteine is no longer harmful to health. It is the methyl groups of TMG that provide for a better conversion and ensure a healthy heart.

Effect of TMG heart supplements

When TMG deposits a methyl group to a homocysteine molecule, the body converts it to a non-toxic amino acid. Methionine is the result, a substance the body can cope with much better. TMG seems to be able to control the level of homocysteine and to maintain it both alone and in combination with other nutrients. It is no surprise that scientists are now convinced that TMG is an important nutrient in keeping the cardiovascular system healthy and thus the heart as well. Using TMG heart supplement is also a good way to work effectively on a healthy heart.

Decrease concentrations with TMG

TMG heart health can reduce the concentrations of harmful substances in the body, so that you suffer less from such substances. It is not only the concentration of homocysteine but also that of the C-reactive protein (CRP). When the levels of this protein increase, you experience harmful effects on your health, especially as you become older.

Do you wish to order TMG heart supplements, so that you can work on heart health effectively? You can easily order the product online; we ensure quick delivery to your home.

Rik Janssens 24-03-2016 03:42

uitstekend product voor een goede gezondheid, ik gebruik het voor ondersteuning van mijn hart en bloedvaten. Ben heel content. Website zeer overzichtelijk en duidelijk, en levering gebeurd snel. Ik ben minder mobiel en deze online webshop is ideaal voor mij.

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