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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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HCA is found in the garcinia combogia, a small fruit species from Southern India, where people have used HCA for centuries as a preservative, flavouring and also as a product that can contribute to healthy digestion. In this case, you can use Super Citrimax® with HCA for natural weight loss or to ensure a healthy BMI. Super Citrimax® thus ensures an effective approach to your health by working towards natural weight loss.

Natural weight loss and a healthy BMI

HCA has demonstrated its success in contributing to natural weight loss and a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index). Your BMI indicates the rate between your weight and height to estimate your body fat. It is important that you have a healthy BMI to avoid as much as possible the harmful effects of being underweight or overweight.

HCA inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates to fat. It inhibits, for example, the ATP-citrate lyase, an important enzyme responsible for the synthesis of fatty acids, cholesterol and triglycerides. You can thus avoid excess fat and lose weight safely by taking Super Citrimax®.

Powerful dose in Super Citrimax® weight loss supplements

By taking Super Citrimax®, you can use a potent dose of HCA, which offers effective natural weight management. Thanks to the unique composition of the product and the different nutrients, HCA in Super Citrimax® is 3 times more effective than many other products that are available. By using Super Citrimax® weight loss supplements, you have the opportunity for losing a significant amount of weight and for working on your BMI, so that you can go through life healthy.

Diet and exercise for weight loss

Please note that when using Super Citrimax® natural weight loss, it is important to also provide a healthy diet. Also try doing enough exercise, which contributes to the effectiveness of Super Citrimax®. You can thus ensure that you lose weight in a healthy manner.

Do you wish to order Super Citrimax® online? We ensure quick delivery, so that you can use the product as soon as possible.

Lies 27-04-2016 16:24

Goed product. Helpt mij goed en vlug vermageren. Binnenkort eindelijk weer gaan zwemmen, moet me dan niet meer schamen voor mijn zwaarlijvigheid , bijna terug op normaal gewicht. Goede website!

Hannes 06-04-2016 19:42

Heel content van dit Voedingssupplement en vermageringsmiddel, heeft mij maar liefst een gewichtsverlies van 32 kg bezorgd. Hongergevoel is bij mij sterk afgenomen. Het product voldoet perfect aan mijn eisen. Het werkt effectief zoals beschreven staat, Een aanrader dus .

Anne K. 09-03-2016 19:08

Since I take super citrimax, I need less sweet. I already lost some weight, I am totally satisfied with the product. IT IS SO EASY AND SUCCESS IS GUARANTEED.

Anne K. 09-03-2016 06:22

sinds gebruik van super citrimax, heb ik veel minder trek in zoetigheid en snoep. Al vele kilootjes lichter, voldoet ruimschoots aan mijn verwachtingen. HANDIG EN SUCCESVOL AFSLANKINGSMIDDEL.

Anne K. 09-03-2016 05:18

Seit ich super citrimax einnehme, habe ich viel weniger Lust auf Süßigkeiten. Habe schon einiges an Gewicht verloren, ich bin wirklich rundum mit dem Produkt zufrieden. Meine Erwartungen wurden erfüllt. ERFOLG BEIM ABNEHMEN IST GARANTIERT.

Anne K. 09-03-2016 05:04

Depuis que je prends super citrimax, j’ai moins besoin de sucrerie. J’ai déjà perdu du poids, je suis vraiment tout à fait satisfaite du produit. SUCCÈS TOTAL.

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