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Life Extension RiboGen French Oak Wood Extract

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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Article number: 100233
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days


Do you suffer from fatigue; do you notice a lack of energy all day? Then RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract offers a solution. The product helps alleviate your fatigue, for example, when you do not sleep well, you have little energy, you feel weak or when you suffer from headaches or muscle soreness. A cup of coffee offers only temporary relief and is, moreover, harmful to your health. RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract presents a solution on the cellular level to act effectively against fatigue.

Suffering less from fatigue

With its active polyphenols, RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract offers support for the ‘energy factories’ of the body, acting on the cellular level. RiboGen™ employs a patented French Oak extract (quercus robur) that provides unique polyphenol compounds called roburins. These roburins support the ribosomes, small molecular energy factories in the cells that can produce proteins in the body. RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract thus offers a healthy way to combat fatigue internally.

Oak extract against ailing ribosomes

Oak extract is now known as an extract that successfully supports ribosomal biogenesis, the natural way for the body to repair weakened ribosomes. Scientists discovered this process when they became aware that the oak extract regulates the genes involved in this process. For this reason, it is included in a supplement like RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract, which you can now use. The product reduces weakness and exhaustion by 18%, ensures 44% less unrefreshing sleep and 33% fewer headaches. You can also rely on a reduction of 51% in physical discomfort and even 63% less muscle pain.

RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract against general fatigue

Do you suffer from general fatigue; do you have too little sleep and is your mood suffering from these discomforts? RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract helps maintain healthy energy levels and improves the ribosomal production of structural and functional proteins in the body. It also improves important body functions through a healthy energy metabolism, and it can substantially reduce fatigue-related aging. Do you wish to order RiboGen™ French Oak Wood Extract? We ensure smooth delivery to your home address.


Wilfried 03-06-2016 10:03

Het is een goede remedie tijdens een herstelperiode. Ik kan het weten want werd zelf getroffen door uitputting, ik had geen enkele reserves van kracht en energie meer. Alles kost moeite. Mijn leven betekende niets meer. Geen plezier meer in het werk noch in de activiteiten buiten het werk , door geen energie meer verdween ook mijn levenslust. Maar met RIBOGEN voel ik mij weer krachtig en energetisch als voor heen en heb weer plezier in het leven. Ik wil het iedereen aanraden aan mensen die zowel geestelijk als lichamelijk uitgeput zijn na een lange periode van spanningen door persoonlijke moeilijkheden, een periode van intensief werken of studeren, een langdurige ziekte . Werkt super goed.

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