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Article number: 100181
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days

Peony Immune is an immune system supplement that offers powerful support for the immune system. It ensures fewer discomforts from inflammation. Do you wish to remain healthy as you age and boost your immune system? It is important to be able to rely on a dynamic immune system that offers sufficient strength to combat inflammation. It is the activity of the immune cells that decides whether you are able to rely on a responsive and powerful immune system. By using Peony Immune to boost the immune system for better health, you can enjoy life to the fullest, also later in life.

The use of Peony Immune in China

Peony Immune works to strengthen the immune system, and contains white peony root extract. Especially in China, people have been using the Chinese medicinal herb peony extract to strengthen the immune system for 1200 years and are convinced of the beneficial effects of the white peony root. It ensures correct function of the immune system, so that you can rely on a powerful and natural resistance. Modern science has also come to recognise the importance of the bioactive peony. Peony Immune contains, for example, the active extract paeoniflorin that is capable of fighting against inflammation in the body.

Standardised extract in Peony Immune to strengthen the immune system

Peony Immune contains a standardiszed extract of the white peony which helps to boost immune system naturally. It provides for the proper balance in reactions to inflammation, the correct sensitivity, and the strength needed later in life. It is the different mechanisms in Peony Immune that permit you to rely on a healthy homeostasis of the immune system. You can enjoy excellent immune protection from this natural immunity booster by suppressing the production of inflammation molecules. Peony Immune ensures that we develop a natural balance among the cells that suppress inflammation and cells that contribute to the creation of it. The powerful and natural effect of Peony Immune thus contributes to better health.

Responses to inflammation

Clinical research with human participants shows that Peony Immune indeed provides healthy support to strengthen the immune system. With Peony Immune you can rely on the proper reaction to inflammation, so that you have fewer discomforts from inflammation.

Do you wish to use Peony Immune to strengthen the immune system naturlly? It is easy to order it online; we will ensure that you receive the product as soon as possible.

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