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Life Extension Mix Tablets without Copper

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Article number: 100227
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Are you looking for a mineral supplement in combination with important vitamins for optimum health? Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper in the form of tablets is easy to take and provides a broad array of significant vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. Scientific studies demonstrate that eating sufficient vegetables and fruit significantly helps prevent health problems. Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper contains a large number of vegetable and fruit extracts as well as the recently added nicotinamide riboside present in milk.

Nicotinamide riboside and medium-chain triglycerides

One tablet Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper contains one dose of nicotinamide riboside, equivalent to 13 cups of milk. This substance supports greater mitochondrial health, giving you more energy and vitality. Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper provides you with medium-chain triglycerides, which serve as an energy source in the liver. The name already indicates that the product is free of copper. But it does include miscellaneous minerals, not only zinc and magnesium, for example, but also boron, an important component. The rich combination of the multivitamin makes it simultaneously very valuable as a mineral supplement.

Green tea, broccoli and olive polyphenols

Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper also contains green tea, broccoli and olive polyphenol extracts. These extracts protect against LDL oxidation, protect DNA and reduce free radicals in the body. In Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper you will find not only lycopene extract of tomatoes for a healthy prostate but also lutein, normally found in spinach and kale. This last extract helps maintain eye macula pigment structure, while pomegranate extracts support sufficient dietary intake of punicalagins and other polyphenols.

Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper multivitamin

Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper is a multivitamin without copper but includes extracts from sesame lignans and wild blueberries, for example, to increase vitamin E levels in tissue, in addition to maintaining an optimum neuronal function. This multivitamin and mineral supplement is also very valuable as an anti-aging remedy and therefore fulfils miscellaneous functions. You can naturally order Life Extension Mix™ Tablets without Copper online; we will ship your product as soon as possible, so that you will be able to use it immediately.


Karel 13-02-2016 06:12

Door mijn maag en darm problemen kan ik niet veel groenten en fruit verdragen waardoor ik essentiële vitaminen misloop, dat los ik op door het nemen van ( life extesion mix tablets), voel mij goed fitter dan voorheen, vitaminen zijn echt wel heel goed. Website is heel overzichtelijk en klantvriendelijk. +++++++++++

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