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Life Extension Mitochondrial Basics with BioPQQ®

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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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All the cells in the body contain – sometimes only a few, sometimes several thousand – mitochondria, tiny organelles which generate most of the cell´s supply of cellular energy. A growing number of studies indicate that signals which emanate from mitochondria can have a direct effect on the longevity of the whole organism, which makes mitochondria a key determinant in the complex network of physiological signals that modulates longevity. If there is a decrease in mitochondrial function, there is a corresponding decrease in the vitality of organs such as the heart, the brain or even the entire organism.

Mitochondrial Basics with BioPQQ® contains three ingredients which make a valuable contribution to mitochondrial function:

PQQ® (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) - which is technically a vitamin - has recently been shown to promote mitochondrial biogenesis in aging cells and to activate the genes involved in the protection of the delicate structures within the mitochondria.

R-lipoic acid. Free radical damage to the mitochondria can reduce their energy output. Research has demonstrated that R-lipoic acid can promote mitochondrial bioenergetics, at the same time reducing free radical activity.

Acetyl-L-carnitine arginate. The amino acid carnitine transports fatty acids into the mitochondria, where they are converted into cellular energy. The acetylated form of carnitine supports more efficient utilization of fats than the non-acetylated form.

Mitochondrial Basics with BioPQQ® provides low-cost support for mitochondrial function and biogenesis. Mitochondrial Basics with BioPQQ® can be ordered online. Prompt delivery assured.


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