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Article number: 100187
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days

European Milk Thistle helps support the health of the liver by using the extract of the milk thistle, one of nature’s most powerful weapons. Until recently, there was no readily available technology to effectively use milk thistle benefits. The extract of the milk thistle was difficult to use for better health, but this has now changed and milk thistle benefits can now be used for optimum health. You can use European Milk Thistle as an extremely effective product.

Soluble milk thistle

The problem with milk thistle extract was its most important component, silybin, which is not very water soluble, making it difficult for the body to absorb it. Scientists have developed a new technology to work around the problem. European Milk Thistle provides a mix of silybin with phosphatidylcholine, which ensures a more soluble milk thistle supplement, so that you can benefit from the milk thistle liver benefits.

Function of phosphatidylcholine

Phosphatidylcholine centres on transporting silybin from the intestine to the bloodstream. It is thus a perfect ‘carrier’ for silybin to transport it to its final destination. Scientists believe that phosphatidylcholine binds itself to silybin to pass through the cell membranes of the digestive tract into the bloodstream. The absorption of silybin from milk thistle supplements is much better than with traditional products, so you can rely on maximum effectiveness. Thus the biological availability of silybin in the liver is 10 times higher, so that you can expect optimum results for your body, and can expect good support for the health of this organ with these milk thistle supplements.

Milk thistle supplements in European Milk Thistle Advanced Phospholipid Delivery

In addition, by taking European Milk Thistle Advanced Phospholipid Delivery, you would be using two standardised concentrates of silybin, namely, isosilybin A and B, which is not found in other milk thistle extracts for liver health. When you choose European Milk Thistle Advanced Phospholipid Delivery, you can expect a particularly effective product in more than one way.

Do you wish to use European Milk Thistle Advanced Phospholipid Delivery liver tonic and order it online? We will make sure you receive the product at home as soon as possible.

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