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Life Extension D-Ribose Powder

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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Article number: 100034
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days


D-ribose facilitates the production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a carbohydrate molecule present in every living organism which is the primary source of energy for all cellular processes. However, under conditions of stress or injury, or as we age, body tissues such as the heart and skeletal muscles cannot produce ATP quickly enough for optimal performance.

Effects of D-ribose

Studies with healthy athletes have shown that when D-ribose is supplied to fatigued muscle cells, ATP levels are quickly restored to normal. This aids muscle recovery and improves performance. As D-ribose rapidly fills depleted energy cells, it may be particularly beneficial when used as a heart supplement.

D-Ribose Powder

D-Ribose Powder can facilitate ATP production and thus help speed the recovery of energy after intense workouts or strenuous physical activity, and it is therefore an effective post exercise supplement. It can also help increase energy reserves and maintain healthy energy levels in heart and muscle tissue.

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Willem 17-02-2016 06:58

Ben herstellend van een zwaar arbeids ongeval, nog met revalidatie bezig, nu ik D_RIBOSE_POWDER,,van Apran neem, herstel ik veel beter, heb meer kracht en energie en ik heb weer moed. Ik ben tevreden, goede prijs kwaliteit .

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