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Article number: 100323
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Chromium, the metallic element once believed to be toxic, is now generally recognised as playing an important role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. This recent version includes Crominex 3+ with Indian gooseberry extract and a proprietary form of the adaptogen shilajit for even greater support for heart and healthy blood sugar levels. 

For many years, Life Extension has included niacin in its chromium supplements. Following evidence concerning the benefits of higher doses of chromium, a formula was developed to provide 500 mcg of chromium with 60 mg of flush-free niacin in just one capsule. To provide full-spectrum benefits, antioxidants and gene-protecting nutrients like curcumin, trans -resveratrol, and green tea, have been included. A recent study suggested that chromium, together with vitamins C and E, is effective for minimisation of oxidative stress and improvement of glucose metabolism for those within normal range.

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