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Dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® provides an optimum combination of 8 amino acid supplements essential for your health, making it an excellent addition to your diet. Do you wish to start using a protein-rich diet? Then these amino acid supplements make an excellent choice. MAP stands for Master Amino Acid Pattern, which means it is the best amino acid combination, available in tablet form. dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® has a unique composition of essential amino acid supplements, which provide a range of health benefits.

Proteins and their buildings blocks

Amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, constitute an important part of our diet. They are the building material for our entire organism, requiring us to take in sufficient amounts. By taking dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® amino acid supplements, you provide powerful support for the renewal of, for example, your muscles, organs, bones, antibodies and enzymes. The word protein is derived from the Greek word ‘proteuo’ or ‘protos’, which can be translated as ‘the first place’. In this respect, dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® contributes to the most important part of the human diet.

Properties of dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® amino acid supplements

Dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® amino acid tablets are fully absorbed by the body, resulting in minimal waste. The different substances are fully digested, so that they are absorbed to the greatest degree. It provides for an optimum ratio of the following 8 amino acids; L-leucine (19.6%), L-valine (16.6%), L-isoleusine (14.8%), L-lysine (14.3%), L-fenylalanine (12.9%), L-threonine (11.1%), L-methionine (7.0%) and L-tryptophan (3.7%). Each 100 grams of Dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® tablets contains 100 grams of protein, 0 grams of carbohydrates and 0 grams of fat.

It is the unique combination in dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® that provides for 99% of building materials (use) together with only 1% nitrogen (waste). In comparison, a chicken egg provides 48%, fish, meat and poultry 28-36%, soya 17% and dairy products 16% waste after digestion. Furthermore, the product is almost free of calories (0.4 kcal per 10 tablets), so that you can take in the same amount of protein (in 10 tablets) as you would find in 350 grams of meat, fish or poultry, without taking in the calories. When it is ingested on an empty stomach, the body will fully absorb the contents of dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® amino acid supplements within 23 minutes. This happens in the small intestines, leaving no end products in the digestive tract. Thanks to the unique composition, you do not require any cleaving enzymes for this process. As a result even people without a stomach (for example, after a stomach operation) can use dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® without any problems.

Using dr.reinwald+vital: MAP®

It is important to use dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® supplements if you wish to improve the quality of your diet. It is also important to use dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® in periods of increased strain (physical as well as mental) and stress, but also if you exercise a great deal more, are a vegetarian or vegan, wish to lose weight, wish to detox your body, are older or pregnant, while breastfeeding, in adolescence or during or after periods of sickness.

It is recommended to take 3-6 amino acid supplement tablets 1 to 3 times a day with sufficient amounts of fluids. You can also chew the tablets. You can increase the dosage of dr.reinwald+vital: MAP® when you are on a diet, for example, or participate in a competitive sport.

Do you wish to start using dr.reinwald+vital: MAP®? You can easily order this product online. We ensure fast delivery to your home.


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