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Cosmesis Tightening & Firming Neck Cream

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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from Wednesday April 11tth - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Article number: 100199
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days

Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-aging cream contributes to the prevention of one of the most visible symptoms of an aging skin, the skin of the throat area which begins to look old early. Thus it is wise to focus on starting the anti-aging process on this part of the body. The throat and décolleté, shoulders and torso will show that you are getting older. The skin in these areas is especially susceptible to sagging and ugly lines unless you use an effective firming cream. With Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-aging cream, you can provide effective protective treatment in exactly these skin areas.

Supporting sensitive skin with anti-aging cream

With Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-aging cream, you can provide excellent support for sensitive skin, in particular around the throat and décolleté. One method of protecting sensitive skin is to combine nutrients that positively influence the biochemical environment of the skin. You can repair and nourish the skin internally. And with Tightening & Firming Neck Cream, you can retain a youthful appearance as long as possible as it is an effective anti-aging cream.

Unique formula of Tightening & Firming Neck anti-aging cream

Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-ageing cream contains a unique combination of ingredients. It is the special formula of firming cream that provides for the proper biochemical compounds to help you appear young for a longer time. The following five ingredients help you retain your radiant appearance.

Ingredients in this anti-ageing cream

Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-aging cream contains hexapeptide-10, a substance which contributes to better quality of the dermo-epidermal cohesion for more elasticity and firmness in the skin. Furthermore, acetyl-dipeptide-13 diphenylglycine in this firming cream helps create tighter skin, in particular by limiting the loss of elastin and simultaneously stimulating the formation of collagen type I.

In addition, Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-aging supplement cream contains wolfberries that have an important and potent antioxidant to protect the skin from damage by free radicals. The Indian gooseberry inhibits the damaging effects of UV radiation, and hyaluronic acid ensures optimum exchange between the different skin layers.

Do you want to use the Tightening & Firming Neck Cream anti-aging firming cream? You can order the product easily online; we ensure quick delivery.

Karin P. 23-04-2016 22:02

Tolle Ergebnisse mit dieser Creme. Deutliche Website. Es wird sehr professionell und freundlich gearbeitet. Sehr gute Verpackung und schnelle Lieferung.

Karin P. 23-04-2016 16:51

Always achieved the results I wanted with this cream. Website is really clear. Professional and kind. Excellent packaging and quick delivery.

Karin P. 23-04-2016 16:48

Des résultats convaincants avec la crème. Site Internet clair. On travaille professionnellement et gentiment. Bien emballé et livraison rapide.

Karin P. 23-04-2016 16:19

Goede resultaten bekomen reeds met de crème. Duidelijke site. Professioneel en vriendelijk. Prima verpakking en snel thuis bezorgd.

Maggy V. 20-02-2016 17:31

Bij mij perfecte crème voor gezicht, decolleté en hals, mijn uitgezakt vel is terug veel mooier en gladder geworden. Heeft echt het effect van botox maar is veel gezonder zo,

Maggy V. 20-02-2016 15:33

C’est la crème parfaite pour mon visage, mon cou et mon décolleté. Ma peau est plus belle et lisse. En fait c’est l’effet de toxine botulique, mais bien évidemment on l’atteint de façon plus saine.

Maggy V. 20-02-2016 11:11

Es ist für mich die perfekte Creme für Gesicht, Hals und Dekolleté. Meine Haut ist wieder viel schöner und glatter als vorher. Hat eigentlich den sogenannten Botox-effekt, ist aber natürlich der gesündere Weg.

Maggy V. 20-02-2016 03:23

For me, it’s the perfect cream for face, neck and cleavage. My skin is beautiful and smooth. You have the same effect as the one you would have with Botox, but of course this is the healthier way.

Maarit 25-01-2016 20:05

Prima huid crème met verjongend resultaat. Zuinig in gebruik , veroorzaakt geen puistjes of branderig gevoel, zorgt voor gladde gezonde huid . Maakt mijn huid zachter en fijner en gehydrateerd, Ik ben echt blij !!! Product werkt verslavend. Zalig om te gebruiken op huid. Gegarandeerd een fluweelzachte huid! Duidelijke product omschrijving, Snelle levering!

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