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Article number: 200020
Delivery time: 2 - 5 days

Essential Woman women’s supplements in softgeln form help you enjoy optimum health before, during and after menopause. The menopause supplements provide a unique blend of ingredients, containing linseed oil and evening primrose oil. It also contains soy isoflavones which, combined with lignans, can reduce menopause symptoms and PMS. Thanks to Essential Woman menopause supplement softgels, you can use the easy-to-take softgels.

Before, during and after menopause to reduce menopause symptoms

Essential Woman menopause supplement softgels are suitable for women who are about to reach menopause as well as those who are currently experiencing it and those who are past it. This is mainly because of the positive effect of the ingredients on your health. With Essential Woman softgels you would be using convenient softgels to reduce menopause symptoms. On the other hand, you could decide on packaging in the 355 ml bottle if you are uncomfortable with using softgels. The Essential Woman 12 oz. packaging women’s supplement contains the same ingredients as the softgels.

Benefits of Essential Woman menopause vitamin Softgels

Essential Woman softgels provide health benefits in a number of ways. The product suppresses menopause symptoms, reducing discomfort. The product also contributes to proper heart function. This will provide great benefit to your health before, during and after menopause. You also get the right support for cholesterol values and ensure that you produce sufficient collagen, which is responsible for, among other things, generating skin, hair and nails.

Contents of Essential Woman Softgels menopause supplements

Essential Woman softgels contain several nutrients to help reduce menopause symptoms, for example, a high dose of omega-3, a fatty acid that a Western diet tends to lack. You will also be benefitting from lignans, evening primrose oil, and soy isoflavones. Naturally, Essential Woman women’s supplement softgels are entirely biological (a non-GMO, not genetically altered), and you can rely on an unfiltered product. Its pure composition ensures that the nutrients are ideally utilised. Three (3) Essential Woman menopause supplement softgels provide 1050 mg of omega-3, 478 mg of omega-6 (containing 18 mg GLA), 360 mg of omega-9, 1 mg of lignans, 6 mg of isoflavones and 7 mg of saponin.

Do you wish to use Essential Woman softgels? We advise a dosage of 3-6 softgels daily. You can order the softgels conveniently online. We will make certain that they are available for you as soon as possible.

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