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T.A. Sciences BUNDLE: 2 x TA-65MD 250IE (90 capsules)

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WE’RE ON HOLIDAY - Orders will go out again from September 8th - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Apran is unable to ship TA-65 products to Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, Switserland, The Netherlands or France. Product info is only available in English.

Use TA-65 MD® as an anti-aging treatment to ensure that you can perform on a high level for a longer time. TA-65MD®’s anti-aging effects help retain a radiant appearance. It is a breakthrough in the anti-aging branch from which both young and old can benefit. Do you earn your money by ‘looking good’, do you perform in the ‘fast lane’, do you experience a great deal of stress or do you wish to prevent the signs of aging? With 90 TA-65 MD® softgels anti-aging treatment, you can choose a long-lasting approach with maximum results.

How does TA-65® work?

By helping you to retain healthy cells and tissue, TA-65 MD® keeps you looking young for a longer time (anti-aging treatment). Additionally, this unique extract from the Astragalus plant has a beneficial effect on general aging symptoms. You will experience higher energy levels and can count on better flexibility in your joints. Do you wish to experience the efficacy of TA-65 MD® anti-aging treatment yourself? Then use the Life Length Test, preferably every 12 months. To achieve maximum results, use these tests to determine your dosage.

Costs of TA-65 MD®

A box of 90 TA-65 MD® softgels typically lasts 90 days, offering its generous anti-aging benefits. Based on 1 softgel daily, you invest only a few euros each day.

Thanks to TA-65 MD® anti-aging treatment softgels, you can count on more supple skin, improved quality of your hair and a reliable way to protect your DNA. The product represents a breakthrough in anti-aging treatments, which is now also available in Europe.

Safe usage of TA-65 MD®

T.A. Sciences® worked for many years on the development and safety of TA-65 MD®. To this day, no reports of negative side effects or contraindications are known for this anti-aging treatment, meaning you can safely use this product for its benefits without any drawbacks. T.A. Sciences® has been given a GRAS classification (Generally Recognized As Safe) by a regulatory body in the US.

Currently no dose has been recommended. Base your dosage on the result of the Life Length Test and discuss your individual dosage with your doctor or refer to the table below:

– 50 years: 1 softgel a day

51 – 70 years: 2 softgels a day

71 years and older: 4 softgels a day


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