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Barlean's Ideal Omega3

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Ideal Omega-3 softgels are omega 3 supplements perfectly suited for adults. Do you wish to contribute to your health on the basis of healthy nutrition? Then this supplement needs to be included since it contributes to the intake of the various omega-3 fatty acids that we need to restore our fatty acids balance. With each softgel containing omega 3 supplements, you make use of 750 mg of EPA, 250 mg of DHA and 30 mg of DPA, in addition to 30 mg of other omega-3 fatty acids. This amounts to no less than 1060 mg of omega-3 per softgel. In this respect, you will be a step ahead of other fish oils. Thus, by using Ideal Omega-3 supplement softgels, you will be providing a highly valuable supplement to your nutrition that will benefit your health significantly.

Mind and body health with omega 3 supplements

By choosing Ideal Omega-3 supsoftgels, you are choosing a high-quality fish oil supplement with 90% omega-3 per softgel, so that you can count on maximum effectiveness. In terms of pureness and excellence, the omega 3 supplements product goes far beyond the European and U.S. requirements for omega-3 supplements. In this way, you can count on great effectiveness.

Ideal Omega-3 softgels contribute to the health of the body as well as of the mind with easy omega 3 supplements. The company behind this product, Barlean’s, has won several awards for its health supplements, demonstrating that your physical health, cognitive functioning, eyesight, mood and cardiovascular health benefit enormously from a supplement such as Ideal Omega-3 softgels.

Omega 3 supplements for adults and children

Ideal Omega-3 softgels are omega 3 supplements developed with special attention to adults. Do you wish your children to also profit from the valuable ingredients supplied by Ideal Omega-3 softgels? For them, Omega Kid’s Swirl omega 3 supplements for children works best. It makes it easy for you to give a delicious drink to your children, so that they will gladly take it to get their children’s omega 3 supplements. For each teaspoon (5 ml) of Kid’s Swirl, your children will take in 180 mg of EPA and 180 mg of DHA, next to 13 mg of ALA and 140 mg of other omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover, they also take in 100 mg of omega-6 and 415 mg of omega-9 fatty acids for every teaspoon.

Ingredients of Ideal Omega-3 supplements softgels

With Ideal Omega-3 softgels you would be taking advantage of several different ingredients, among which are pure fish oil as well as fish gelatin and glycerin. Additionally, you can count on ascorbyl palmitate, asorbic acid and mixed tocopherols in these award winning omega 3 supplements. In this respect, the valuable combination contained in Ideal Omega-3 softgels ensures that you can count on a positive effect on your health.

Do you wish to use Ideal Omega-3 softgels, the best omega 3 supplements? Order your Ideal Omega-3 softgels conveniently online. We ensure a speedy delivery, so that you have them available and can start using them as soon as possible.

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